At Westside Baptist Church, you have the opportunity to engage in sound Biblical teaching both from the pulpit and at a personal level. Westside is committed to expository teaching, which is a text by text study that gives importance to every word in the Bible for the edification and equipping of all who pass through our doors.


You will be received warmly by the members of our Church from the moment you arrive regardless of race, color, sex, or nationality. Our pastor and leaders are always accessible no matter the circumstances. They are there to provide counsel and assistance to your every spiritual need and to connect you with resources for other needs that you may have.


We are a worshipping, praying, and praising church, and we hope to see you at our services so that you can experience with us the work of salvation and deliverance that God is doing here in our community. Together, we will rejoice in the transformative power that only Christ can provide to our lives.


Come on in!