Teenagers are a dynamic but at times skeptical, hard to impress group who are at a stage in life where they naturally question most things in an effort to discover who they are and why they are here. At Westside Baptist Church, our Youth Group gives youth ages 13 to 19 the opportunity to come together with their peers, throw their questions and concerns into the ring, and learn more about their Heavenly Father who designed them. Our mission is as follows:

– To give teens a better understanding of the Word of God and its relevance today

– To provide teens with a safe space to learn, fellowship, and have fun with like minded peers

– To provide sound answers to the questions teens have about the Bible, faith, and life

– To teach teens how to grow their relationship with Christ and how to live boldly for Him

– To provide opportunities for church membership and active participation in ministry

– To share the redeeming love of Christ as well as the gift of salvation and baptism

We invite all the teens in the community to unplug from the world and get plugged in with us as we learn and fellowship on 2nd and 3rd Sunday during Service Hours.                                (In Fellowship Hall). We’ll see you there!