At Westside Baptist Church, we welcome everyone with open arms. Our hospitality team and greeters provide an environment where people feel valued and nurtured. Those that attend for the first time can come and feel safe and comfortable. We understand that you are coming into a new environment and we want you to feel at ease. Ultimately, our hospitality and greeting teams will connect you with other people with whom you can form meaningful and godly relationships.



In order to facilitate our worship services, Westside is supported by the sound and media ministry as well as the worship team. Our sound and media ministry make sure that any visual aids are clear and readily available, and they ensure that the quality of our sound does not distract from our worship experience. The worship team ministers in both English and Spanish to engage all who attend in praising and worshipping God our Savior through song.



Westside Baptist Church members take pride in cleaning their own facilities, which include God’s temple. It is such a blessing and joy to be able to clean a place where we know that God abides. The cleaning is done on a rotational basis, and we encourage those that are able to come and be part of this special ministry.



Psalms 95 is an invitation for us to sing with joy to our Lord, to shout out loud for the Rock of our salvation. At Westside Baptist, we take this invitation seriously and sing songs and praises to our God at every given opportunity. We are beings created to worship the living God, and as a church, we are devoted to worship.